First Quarter 2016 LGA-RBF Steering Committee Meeting 26th to 29th April, 2016

The Local Government Result Based Financing (LGA-RBF) steering committee is a core institutional aspect of the Nigerian PBF approach. The committee meets at least once per quarter and underscores the decentralized nature of PBF management. It is at the LGA level where the local actors know their health system best. It is here where performance data are submitted for scrutiny and validation and for subsequent action.

 This meeting contains a formalized set of rules, in the form of a multilateral agreement between the members of the LGA RBF Steering Committee, and the LGA Chairman.

The following organizations and position holders are members of this steering committee:

  • The LGA Supervisory Councillor for Health
  • The Primary Health Care (PHC) Coordinator
  • The representative of the State Ministry of Health
  • The Chief Medical Officer of the LGA General Hospital
  • The representative of Health Facilities
  • The representative of the SPHCDA
  • The representative of Non-Governmental Organizations active in the LGA
  • The Director for Local Government Administration (DLG) where available or Director of Personnel Management (DPM) or his/her representative
  • The Pharmacy Officer

The quorum is formed by (a) the LGA PHC Coordinator (or his/her deputy); (b) the representative of the SMOH and (c) the representative of the SPHCDA. If any one of these three position holders is not present then in that case the RBF steering committee meeting cannot be held, or when held, is not authorized to make any decisions.

The steering committee meeting across all the PBF LGAs for the first quarter 2016 commences from 26th to 29th April, 2016