NSHIP Mission Visit to Adamawa State for 2016 DLI Evaluation

The mission encompasses representation of various federal ministries and non governmental organization with Dr. Olubajo Lekan National Project Coordinator, NSHIP as the team lead, Dr . Odutolu Oluwole Technical team lead(TTL) and Dr. Benjamin Loevinsohn lead health specialist from the World Bank ,Dr Joseph Shu OPM, Mr. Lawal Ismail from Federal ministry of finance and Mr Akin Fayiminu from federal ministry of health.The mission team on arrival held a meeting at the ADSPHCDA on the overview of the mission visit by Dr. Abdullahi Dauda Belel Executive Chairman ADSPHCDA and a presentation on the state performance review by the LGA by the NSHIP Project Coordinator ADSPHCDA and the state 2016 DLI report by Dr. Fanen.