C4D Review Meeting on Demand Creation/Social Mobilization

The meeting which was held on 20th – April -2017 at the Nigerian union of teachers (NUT) conference is aimed at increasing MNCHN coverage by creating community demand for utilization of PHC services in Adamawa state. It is expected at the end of the module the trainee should be able to:

  • Create an enabling environment by increasing political and social commitment towards PHC services.
  • Encourage and mobilize communities (community/religious leaders, ward development committees, and community-based organization and care givers) to take active role in demanding and seeking out MNCHN/PHC services.
  • Analyze and find solution for community problems related to non-complaint and /or non-participatory households.
  • Use IPC skills to generate demand for MNCHN/PHC services and
  • Understand the post training assignment on demand creation.


Ibrahim Audu
Communication Officer