The League of African Development Student (LEADS) Honor Dr. Abdullahi Belel with The LEADS Merit Awards 2017 “Africa’s Patriotic Personality Award”

The honoree to Dr. Abdullahi Belel, is an erudite medical practitioner, a seasoned public servant, a sagacious resource person, patriotic pan –Africanist and a philanthropist periotic antecedence and experience in societal development in Africa.

Dr. Abdullahi Dauda Belel holds several relevant qualifications suitable for his currents statues. This is in addition to several certifications also obtained nationally and globally in the course of patriotic service to national development that has spanned over two meritorious decades.

In terms of capacity and proficiency in medical science sagacity and public service assignments, ideas generation and implementation, Dr. Abdullahi Dauda Belel has proven to be sagacious, ingenious passes a rare and exquisite skills of leadership especially with prior assignments, with manifold outreach activities to IDPs and hinterlands of Adamawa and beyond, equipping for the immense and outstanding services he has hitherto rendered to Africa’s quest for development, contributing Immensely to Africa’s quest development, at such a time that germane medical erudition fused with his unparalleled commitment to primary health care development in Africa are the most important pathway to achieving the Africa vision 2063 and today , entire Africa is reaping the dividends of dedication and brilliance for development.

The utmost distinguished recipient of the award in person of Dr. Abdullahi Dauda Belel has been described by many as a “patriotic medical Icon “ “an innovative and gallant leader, “diligent, amiable, intelligent and humble technocrat of impeccable antecedence”, “Responsible, responsive  and dynamic patriot”, “generous and passionate investor in youth/student /Community Development venture “ but in all ,the League of Africa students (LEADS) felt it paramount to award and  celebrate the culmination of the superlative  medical practice and public service antecedence as “AFRICAS PATRIOTIC PERSONALITY” of the year- so distinguished in the best tradition of  Africa’s quest for Development.


Ibrahim Audu
Communication Officer