Sensitization, Awareness, and mobilization meeting at Fufore LGA.

Sensitization.Awareness, and mobilization meeting with wifes of excutive chairman FLG wife of village heads, wife of councillors ,ES, DHEWA,DLIO,DMCH, CDC NSTOP, DSNO and LGF held today in Fufore LG council chamber.

Issues Discuss

1 Issues of ANC attendance in all our health facility with emphasis on the % coverage and % of defaulters

2 Issues of Routine immunization RI % coverage and % of defaulters 

3 Important of exclusive breast feeding to newly born babies right from birth till after 6 months

4 Issues of polio eradication its important to children from 0-59 months and non compliance issues during polio eradication campaigns 

4 Issues of Nutritional status of all children from 6-59 months

5 Important of delivery at health facility 

Also issues of measles campaign coming up in November 2017 and distribution of LLIN and it’s important of sleeping under the LLIN 


The chairman wife promise to deliver this important message to her husband in order to established a strategy for all women of child bearing age are reach with vital information on MNCHN also wifes of village heads and wife of councillors promise to mobilized 

The participants thanks the EU/UNICEF for the support