MNCHWeek Implementaion 24th – 28th November, 2017

MNCH Week implementation commenced in all the 21 LGAs from 24th – 28th November, 2017.

The General Objective of MNCH Week is to contribute to health systems strengthening through improved promotion, delivery and utilization of health and nutrition services by women and children, improve the capacity of health workers to deliver good quality services and also to increase coverage of MNCH service interventions; each round of implementation has pre-implementation, implementation and post implementation activities.

Commodities available, Interventions given:
Nutrition Screening [Mid Upper Arm Circumference – MUAC], Vitamin A supplementation, Birth Registration, Family Planning, Deworming [Albendazole], ANC:-  Iron Folate, Tetanus Toxoid Vaccination, Health education and sensitization on Key Household Practices (KHHP) especially hand washing, Routine Immunization [Tetanus Toxoid Vaccination for pregnant women, Bacillus Calmette and Guerin Vaccination, Oral Polio Vaccination, Yellow Fever Vaccination, Diphtheria Pertusis Tetanus /PENTA Vaccination, Measles Vaccination, Hepatitis B Vaccination] and HIV Test Kits.