IMMUNIZATION: SERICC and LERICC Team Inaugurated To Strengthen Routine Immunization

The Adamawa State Hon Commissioner for Health and the Exec Chairman of the ADSPHCDA formally inaugurated SERICC and LERICC in the presence of members of NERICC from National Primary Health Care Development Agency and other partners.

In his remarks the Executive Chairman Adamawa State Primary Health Care Development Agency Dr. Abdullahi Dauda Belel said the State Emergency Routine Immunization Centre (SERICC) shall function as the governing arm for routine immunization programmes and projects in the state.
Specifically, the Centre is to provide a state and LGA coordination mechanism to manage the full implementation of the routine immunization programmes, strategies and other recommendations of various expert committees towards achieving routine immunization coverage of at least 85% for all antigens at, LGAs, state and national levels.
Performing the inauguration of the SERICC and LERICC team, the Hon. Commissioner said today Thursday 3rd of April, 2018 in line with the current strategic vision of NPHCDA to revamp and strengthen Primary Health Care in Nigeria. The State Ministry of Health in collaboration State Primary Health Care Development Agency SPHCDA through policies and operating guidelines is mandated to regulate and provide oversight functions in the implementation of Routine Immunization 21 Local Governments in the state
Although routine Immunization is a very vital pillar in Bindow’s administration complementary efforts to drive and eradicate polio and other vaccine preventable diseases. Several surveys particularly the 2016 MICS/NICS report shows a national Penta3/DPT3 coverage of 44.9%, in which the performance of 19 northern state Adamawa inclusive is not encouraging.
“ We cannot continue to leave our children vulnerable to vaccine preventable diseases. This is why it became pertinent that a coordinating Centre is established to function with a sense of emergency.”
In line with this sense of emergency that on 17th June 2017 NPHCDA (in collaboration with partners) declared a state of public health concerns on the number of unimmunized children. The aim is to re-launch, rebrand and rapidly revamping the Routine Immunization performance in the country.
To achieve quick results, this decision has been translated into the establishment of the NERICC, SERICC and LERICC. The emergency Centres that are saddled with the responsibility of planning, coordinating and ensuring the LGA, State and national target of 85% coverage for routine immunization is achieved and unvaccinated children are reached through innovative strategies within the shortest possible time.
The specific objectives for the establishment of the SERICC and LERICC include the following:
1. To improve detection and responsiveness in the resolution of routine immunization gaps by establishing emergency immunization operation rooms and work stations as well as setting up emergency responsiveness squad of technical teams.
2. To strengthen leadership and accountability by implementing clear accountability mechanisms where people (government partner organizations) are held accountable for results and achievement of overall programme goals.
3. Increase data visibility and use for action by providing clear insightful data to assess RI improvements in the state
4. To strengthen coordination by instituting coordination mechanism and framework among the technical advisory sub-groups overseeing specific sections of the work being implemented as well as develop a tracking mechanism to assess and follow up on key action points working with partners. Similar measures will be replicated at LGA Level especially in low performing areas.
5. To increase outreach services for immunization for traditional vaccines especially in the very low performing LGAs
The core membership of State Emergency Routine Immunization Centre (SERICC) which is inter-Agency includes the following:-
1. Programme Manager
2. Deputy Program Managers I – Head of Operations/LGA Desk
3. Deputy Program Manager II – head of data/Logistics
4. Other members include:
• Supporting staff from Technical departments of SPHCDA
• Civil Society Organization
• Others as it becomes applicable
On behalf of Adamawa state Government SPHCDA and partners, I hereby inaugurate you all as members’ of the SNERICC and LERICC team and I wish you all success as you carry out noble and long awaited intervention in the health sector.