Pre Planning Meeting For Special Intervention At Guyuk and Shelleng LGAs

Due to the poor performance of Guyuk and Shelleng LGAs in PBF which was observed by the NSHIP PIU, it was decided that a special intervention is to be conducted for the LGA Teams in terms of quality and quantity of services to improve PBF implementation and performance of the LGAs.

Objective of the Meeting
Review relevant materials to be used for the intervention (i.e Business Plan, Quality checklist, Financial Tools, ISS Checklist)

Action Points and Responsible Person

  • Attendance list should be written during similar PIU meeting – Kwabe
  • Project Coordinator to circulate letters to the Executive Secretaries of the PHCA for Facility managers to recruit Account Clerks at each Health Facility – PC
  • A Percentage of facility‚Äôs Total revenue should be decided which would be set as Reserve for the Facilities – PC & RBF TA
  • Those facilities with Emergency Rehabilitation needs to review their Business Plans and submit it to the PC for Approval – Maisaje & PC
  • Approved Pharmaceutical Vendors to start providing counter receipts for all drugs purchased by PHCCs Monthly/Quarterly
  • A Pharmacy focal person should be appointed within the PIU with the responsibility of receiving and filing of Counter receipts from approved Vendors – PIU
  • Circulate a template for writing Minutes of Meeting to PIU and LGAs
  • Review or Develop a Standardized Pharmacy Tools for record keeping at the PHCC – RBF TA