Quarter 3 2018 Quality Counter Verification in all PBF LGAs

Quality Counter Verification (QCV) conducted every quarter before payment is a major recommendation from the Mid Term Review of Nigeria State Health Investment Project (NSHIP) project 2017.
The ‘ex-ante’ verification of quality in the NSHIP is the quality assessment conducted by the LGA PHC Authority for health centers and by the Hospital Services Management board (HMB) for General Hospitals quarterly.
The ‘ex-post’ verification of quality is the assessment which checks objectively whether the quality of services that had been delivered and claimed where actually provided based on an expected level of quality standardized through a quality checklist. Both the ex-post and the ex- ante assessments are now done before PBF subsidy payments are made to the health facilities and hospitals.

The general objective of the QCV was to ensure that quality in the provision of health care services is improved

Specific objectives
 Ascertain the technical quality of 50% of health facilities in each PBF LGA
 Counter verify the quality assessment conducted by the LGA PHCA
 Fulfill the routine duties of the PIU

Health Facility Selection
The third quarter QCV would be conducted in the 11 PBF LGAs. However, as an outcome of the new project changes, only 50% (110 HFs) of the PBF health facilities and the General/Cottage Hospitals are to be counter verified. A multi stage sampling technique was adopted in the selection of 50% of health facilities in the LGA using the simple random selection.