ADAMAWA STATE PRIMARY HEALTH CARE DEVELOPMENT AGENCY YOLA NIGERIA STATE HEALTH INVESTMENT PROJECT  State PIU`s Participation in September 2020 Joint State & National ISS to Selected Health Facilities in PBF LGAs in Adamawa State September, 2020


In line with NSHIP post Mid-term Project Evaluation 2017 which introduced some key project changes to address short comings of operational and design issues experience in the implementation of the project since 2011. Among these changes was the migration from opened-RBF to RBF-DHIS2 Portal, for alignment with Nigerian HMIS system and to strengthen data management for the NSHIP project. Additionally, in 2019, NSHIP national PIU through Federal Ministry of Health has approved the utilization of new national ISS Checklist using Mobile App to pilot the national ISS tool across NSHIP State.

Against the above backdrop, National PIU designed 11 days for the above subject matter. During the visit, National PIU together with State PIU among other things, conducted ISS using new national tool and mobile app and selected poor, average and best performing Health Facilities across 11 PBF LGAs.


To conduct ISS to selected LGAs and health facilities according to their performance

To provide coaching and other support to health staff on key challenges affecting service provision.

To support health facilities, LGAs and state on any key issues relating invoices and ISS using new tool and mobile app.

LGAs and HFs to Be Covered

  1. Five LGAs to be selected and one LGA/team
  2. 7 PHFs per team (2 Best, 2 average and 3 poor preforming) and 1 GH
  3. Each team to follow-up two HFs each from previous ISS
  4. The five LGAs are; Shelleng, Guyuk, Mayo-Belwa, Yola South and Fufore .


Ibrahim Audu

Communication Officer