Agency Overview

Establishment of Adamawa State Primary Health Care Development Agency

The Law establishing Adamawa State Primary Health Care Development Agency came into effect on 30th july,2011, titled "Adamawa State Primary Health Care Development Agency at state level and Local Primary Health Care Development Authority law 2011".

Composition of the Agency

The Agency consist of the following members:

  • A full time Chairman to be appointed by the govenrment and shall be the Chief Executive nd accounting officer of the Agency.
  • Two permanent Members to be designated Member I and II appointed by the Governor on the recommondation of the Commissioner of Health.
  • The Chairman shall be a qualified Public Health Physician or Medical Practitioner specialized in community Health or Primary Health Worker of highest grade in the cadre with a minimum of fifteen (15) years experience in the state Primary Health Care in the civil service.

PHC Under One Roof (PHCUOR)

Before the establishment of the Agency, PHC implementation is coordinated by:

  1. The Department of PHC of the State Ministry of health.
  2. The Department of PHC of the Ministry for Local Government Affairs.
  3. The Local Government Service Commission.
  4. The PHC Departments of the Local Government Councils.

With the establishment of the State Primary Health Care Development Agency, all the PHC departments are abolished and the functions of the Local Government Service Commission are delegated to the Agency. This gives the Agency the sole responsibility of utilizing the entire PHC resources for planning and implementation of all PHC activities in the State.

All assets and liabilities, including staff employment, remuneration, promotions, discipline, transfers etc have been handed over to the Agency since August 2012.

Funding of The Agency

    • Government

    –Local Government by law provides 15% of their monthly statutory allocation to SPHCDA for PHC activities

    –State Government is to provide N15m monthly as operational costs – Not yet implemented
    –FGN – Direct expenditure from FMoH/NPHCDA/Others

    • Partners
    • –$50m WB loan for NSHIP 2013-2017
      –€15m EU grant for MNCH 2013-2017
      –Traditional input financing: WHO, UNICEF, UNFPA, PACT, IRC, ICRC etc

      Political instability – could not allow to review and agree on a sustainable finance strategy for health.